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Most people have large social networks that want to buy gifts for weddings or for new babies, but they might not necessarily know what a good gift is. By making a registry, you help them out – and also (partially) ensure that you don’t give redundant items.



Engaged couples may now register for a few non- traditional gifts including wedding photography or an account set up to help with the down payment on a home or a honeymoon registry. There are those who wonder whether or not such registries fall within the guidelines of proper wedding registry etiquette. I'm happy to report that it indeed acceptable to register for one of these alternative type wedding registries. 


Expecting moms and dads may register for a "Grow with me plan" for baby photography.  What a wonderful keepsake and an idea that others may not consider. Documenting your child's first year is a precious gift that has immeasurable value to new parents and family members. Registries may include a dollar value or a gift certificate for a specific plan.


A gift of photography can be purchased by emailing your wishes